Conservation Planning, Monitoring and Adaptive Management, Conservation Training

Enduring Conservation Outcomes (ECO) is a consulting and training team that has expertise in conservation planning, monitoring and adaptive management, and conservation training. The team has extensive and leading edge experience in:

  • Conservation Planning with experience in The Nature Conservancy’s Conservation Action Planning process and using Conservation Measures Partnership’s Miradi software, and experience with NEPA and planning processes for public agencies such as the Department of Defense and the US Forest Service. Planning experience in terrestrial, freshwater, karst and marine systems, and with climate change adaptation.
  • Species and Ecosystem Assessment, Priority Setting and Inventory including assessing viability of populations and functionality of ecological systems, establishing management priorities, inventorying and predicting occurrences of species and natural communities.
  • Ecological Models and Desired Ecological Conditions with experience developing these for species, natural communities and ecological systems by synthesizing information from published and expert sources.
  • Monitoring and Adaptive Management including establishing objectives, identifying indicators, developing study and sampling designs, analyzing, interpreting and communicating data and results and integrating monitoring results into adaptive management. Extensive experience teaching and implementing monitoring projects. Has developed monitoring plans and protocols for The Nature Conservancy, Department of Defense, National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service and the US Forest Service.
  • Data Analysis with experience analyzing, teaching and leading projects including parametric and nonparametric statistics, ordination and GRTS sampling design. Advocate the use of confidence intervals and photographic monitoring.
  • Remote Sensing, Spatial Modeling and GIS with experience leading projects using these tools.
  • Project Management with experience leading complex projects with multiple staff.
  • Conservation Training and Meeting Facilitation with extensive experience leading training workshops in conservation planning, monitoring and adaptive management, including teaching for The Nature Conservancy, US Forest Service, National Park Service, and US Fish and Wildlife Service (National Conservation Training Center in Shepardstown WV.). Co-developer of TNC’s monitoring workshops. Trained in facilitation.

ECO works collaboratively with other conservation and science experts and consulting firms. Team members have worked nationally and internationally. The team works toward pragmatic and effective plans that represent the interests of the contracting organization. The mission of the team is to provide the basis for successful strategic and adaptive decision-making and empower individuals and organizations in the development and implementation of conservation strategies.

Overall, Enduring Conservation Outcomes’ focus is on the integration of science into conservation practice, while taking into account limited resources and the need to make decisions in the context of uncertainty. The company’s abilities to translate science into on-the-ground action and to use science to increase the efficiency of conservation while integrating the use of state-of-the-art analysis techniques are strengths of this company. These features combined with the ability to work with and communicate to a broad range of audiences are a unique suite of characteristics that make Enduring Conservation Outcomes a leading choice for conservation projects.